Effect Gizmo【12個のオーディオループを搭載!】

RJM ラックタイプのオーディループスイッチャー「Effect Gizmo」

RJM独自の「クリック ストッパー回路」を搭載し、ハイゲインアンプ・エフェクターを接続した際に発生するクリックノイズの発生を防ぐ事もできます。

Effect Gizmoをエフェクトシステムに導入する事で、コンパクト・ラックエフェクターを併用した大型システムを構築した際にも足元をすっきりさせることができ、ステージ上でのトラブルを未然に防ぐ事ができます。

英文マニュアル・アダプター(12V DC)


●Use the Effect Gizmo to move your valuable pedals off the floor and into a rack, out of harm’s way. All you need at the front of the stage is a MIDI foot controller
●12 true-bypass audio loops allow you to preserve your guitar’s tone. Unused effects – and the cables that connect them – are switched completely out of your signal path
●Relay-based switching offers the most transparent sounding audio switching available
●The built-in audio buffer improves tone even further, reducing level and treble loss from long cable runs
●The Click Stopper™ circuit insures quiet switching
●Compatibility with all MIDI controllers

〜Effect Gizmo Specs〜
●12 audio loops for effect switching (Loops 1-4 internally wired in series, Loops 5-8 internally wired in series, and Loops 9-12 are independent)
●Loops 9-12 accept stereo (TRS) connections. The Effect Gizmo can be special ordered with all stereo loops
●Loops 9-12 can also double as function switches, allowing you to control amplifier channel switching
●Bypassable audio buffer, can be positioned at any insert point between loops with patch cables
●256 presets, arranged in two banks of 128
●Responds to MIDI Program Change and Continuous Controller messages
●Can provide phantom power through the MIDI In jack. (9VAC, over pins 6&7 of a 7-pin MIDI cable)
●XLR MIDI input connector provides bidirectional MIDI communication and phantom power to a MIDI controller

Dimensions: 19 x 7.25 x 1.75 inches (48.3 x 18.5 x 4.5 cm)
Weight: 4lb, 9oz (2.1 kg)
Made in the USA
定価 140,000円(税込154,000円)
販売価格 140,000円(税込154,000円)
在庫数 1・


212 CABINET V30 [8Ω]